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About Whimsy Paws

We turn ordinary strolls into tail-wagging whimsical adventures for your furry companions!

We provide pet care needs in Kitchener, Ontario.

Our services offer both private and pack walks. Private walks are tailored to meet the specific needs of a single pet, while pack walks involve multiple pets from different households. Pack walks provide additional socialization opportunities for dogs and are an excellent way for them to interact with other animals in a controlled environment. Pack walks last longer than the listed
one-hour walks as all friends are gathered, and then we embark on an adventure.

In addition, we offer basic grooming services like a quick brush down, nail trimming, or ear cleaning. These services can be discussed and arranged during regular walking sessions.


At Whimsy Paws Dog Walks, we extend our family to include your beloved pets, providing them with the exceptional care they deserve because we know your best friend deserves the utmost attention.

We are Pet First Aid Certified and insured, and all our walkers undergo an annual police check. 

We're also a Foster Parent with Pound Dog Rescue! Ask us about finding your next foster pup!

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